Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WFMW: Paper airplanes...

Last night we had so much fun! Who would have thought that making paper airplanes would have allowed for some awesome family time? I know I sure wouldn't have. But we made some and just had fun with it. Our goal was to make it over the fan. Believe it or not it took a long time before we reached that goal, although the fan was on, so that is a valid excuse. :) So what works for me to beat summer time boredum? PAPER AIRPLANES! For more summer boredum busters go to We are THAT Family.

I wanted to get a better picture, but Ian was just so excited to throw them that I couldn't get a good shot. :) If you zoom in you will see that we named the airplanes, The Mom, The Ian, Olioengr and JCC7. We are such a cool family! :)

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blesid said...

I love that shot... action shots are the best! I am so glad you are going to do crafts with your niece! I hope that you two have a blast ... show me what you do!!! blessings to you this weekend, jules