Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Year of the "what if"...

It isn't news that I suffer from depression. In fact I am pretty sure I talk about it on my blog on a regular basis. With that being said, I go to see a counselor. Most of the time I go not really knowing what to talk about that day.

Well yesterday was no different. I went in not really knowing what we would talk about. I think counselors must be trained to get things out of you, because she does a good job with getting me to talk. Anyways, we started talking about my weight watchers stuff and she had me do a deal with tapping and repeating what she said. The things she had me repeat really got me thinking and encouraged to go head on with my weight loss.

The things she had me say were "what if" statements. For example: "what if I tracked all my points this year" or "what if I worked out on a regular basis this year" and "what if I made it through this year with out getting pregnant" (ok, that was one I threw in, but you get the idea).

So I have decided this will by my year to loose weight. Because what if I track my points this year? What will happen? I foresee a successful year of weight loss that is what! So who is with me? What is your "what if" statement to get you encouraged this year?

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