Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed...

This weekend we had a reunion of sorts. The couple that taught my senior class Sunday school have officially retired from teaching. They taught for over 20 years! It was always the class people looked forward to being in. The lessons were always creative and fun.

Well the people at PCBC decided that we should have a surprise thank you party for them. They fully deserved this. So on Saturday we went to my old stompin' grounds and saw people that I haven't seen in years! I was a little nervous to be honest with you. I was excited too though. I bought a new dress that I felt very good in. I felt like I was going in looking like I had lost a million pounds! Of course then after the party it hit me that only a handful of those people had seen me at my biggest, so to them I just look like I had gained weight rather than lost weight. Oh well, I still felt good and confident!

Ian, of course, did great! He is such a show off. But he is so cute that even if he wasn't a show off we would be showing him off.

Me, Carolyn, Joe and April

Me and my sis.
Below is our silly picture, being the drama queens that we are we had to do a silly pose!

Me, Ashleigh and April. We were the only ones from the class of 99 who showed up. The only other one who was involved like we were lives out of state. All of the others were not real involved in church, they just came on Sundays and maybe a Wednesday every now and then. Not that I can talk, I think that is about what Justin and I do now.

April and Ian. He liked playing with her hair!

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