Monday, May 11, 2009

Park and Mommy's day!

I took Ian to the park the other day. This was his first time to be at a park and actually get out of the stroller and play! He loved the swings. He was unsure about the other toy I put him in. I am not sure the name of it, but is is one of those things you sit in and it moves back and forth. It was a dinosaur. Anyways, I also sat him down in the grass, which he has never done before. He wasn't quite sure what to think about it. He eventually started to play with the grass and dig his heel into the dirt part of it.

My first Mother's day with Ian in my arms was wonderful! We went to church and then had lunch at Old Chicago. Ian and Justin got me a Frog flower pot, some scrap booking stickers and a children's praise and worship CD. I wanted the CD to listen to in the mornings when we don't have the TV on. I am loving it! I wore my new "little black dress" on Sunday, so head over to my other blog Created In His Image to check out that!

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