Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The smell of the day

I wish so much that I could capture the smell of the day! I know that may sound weird. However just go with me here. I walked outside this morning and it was dreary out. I wanted to take a good picture of my flowers that are blooming so well again this year. So anyway, as I walked out there I felt the mist of rain on my face and then I took a deep breath...fall, it smelled like fall time! Oh how I love the smell of fall time. It makes me think of so many things, like pumpkin flavored candles, cinnamon scents and Turkey! Then it hit me, it is not fall, it is spring and while I love spring, it just isn't the same as fall. Spring means we still have a hot (and I mean HOT) summer to go through. Ugh. I am not a big fan of summer time in Oklahoma. I have been here 14 years and I am still not used to the hotness that comes this time of year. Oh well, for today, at least the next few minutes of the day because you know Oklahoma weather can change pretty quickly, I will enjoy the smell of fall and dream of turkey, pumpkin and cinnamon!

Oh and here is the picture I took of my flowers! I am so excited because this is the third year they have come up! The first year I planted them too late and only a few came up, I thought "well that was a waist of my money". But then last year and this year too they have bloomed beautifully! Now keep in mind that this picture is post a few storms, so they were even prettier before the storms!

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