Sunday, May 24, 2009

So much to post, so little desire to type...

This weekend has been full of such fun. Basically my nieces spent the night with us and we took them to the zoo, along with Ian. Zoo was super busy, but the weather was perfect. Here are some pictures from this weekend. There are so many pictures I won't type much. Enjoy...

Kylie getting some lessons on changing diapers and getting baby's dressed.

Kaitlynn did my hair and made me a crown with the name "Marrie" on it. I think it was supposed to be "Marie". :)
Kylie made Ian a club house out of a box we had. She was so creative with it and even put cardboard grass on the front! Ian seemed to enjoy it for a few minutes, but in true Ian style got bored of it real fast!

The two cutest boys around!
At this point we were all pooped! But we wanted to still go see the giraffe's and play at the park. Some how the girls got renewed energy because they played at the park for a while and I just sat on a bench!

Kaitlynn is such a ham! She cracks me up!

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Trisha said...

We went to see the dinosaurs on Saturday! The Oklahoma City Zoo is so much fun. And what a great day for it!