Monday, March 30, 2009

Laundry, dishes and Ian, Oh My!

So much to blog about today! I should have been blogging a little each day so that I wouldn't have such a long post. So here goes...

The cookies that I won came in the mail on Thursday! How cute are these? Well let me tell you that they are so cute they were gone by Sunday night ;)

After our trip to the zoo with no hat for Ian, I decided to buy him some that fit. The one in the picture above is a dinosaur! How cute is he? And the one below has soccer balls, footballs and basketballs on it.

This is the big blizzard we had in OKC. :) I guess the weather guys over estimated what we would get. But evidentaly other parts of the state did get an actual blizzard, so I will give them that much.

Kylie and Kaitlynn spent Saturday night with Nana and Pawpaw. So Justin and I went over to hang out with them as well. We had fun making meatballs for dinner and cookies for dessert! The girls did most of the work. It was fun to watch them cook. And they are so sweet with Ian. I love to watch them with him. (picture above is Kaitlynn, picture below is Kylie)
Uncle David playing with Ian. Ian loved it!Daddy playing with Ian while us girls were in the kitchen making cookies and dinner.
I tried to give Ian a bath in my mom's sink. He did not like this at all. So we quickly got him out and forgot about the bath for that night. :)

So those are all of the pictures I am going to post for now. I want to check with AJ's mom first to see if it is ok that I post pictures of AJ on my blog. He is so cute and is a very good baby.

This weekend we were pretty busy. We started out early on Saturday morning (well early because we got up early we didn't leave the house until about 10) so we could get to the tag agency before they closed, only to find them closed because of the "blizzard" we got. So now I am going to go today to get our new tags and Justin will have to take off work a little early to get his drivers liscense renewed tomorrow. I guess that is what we get when we wait until the very last possible time to do this stuff! I will take the blame though, Justin has been mentioning it for a while now.

After the tag agency we headed to Mardel and bought Ian a bedtime story Bible. I can't wait to start reading it to him! Then we had lunch at Johnnies (mmm). We had more plans for the day, but since I didn't want to wash bottles the night before we needed to head home so I could wash bottles for Ian for the rest of the weekend. Then we headed back out in the snowy weather and went to Bass Pro Shop. Justin won a gift card as a door prize the other day.

After BPS we went to my parents where we spent the rest of the day. By the time we got home I was ready to crash. But of course we ended up staying up for a while.

Then on Sunday we went to Portland Avenue Baptist Church for their 75th anniversary celebration. It was neat to see the people that my grandparents new and to learn more about the history of the church. I even got to see some people that I actually new! So good times were had this weekend.

I took a break from my "job duties" this weekend. I figured everyone needs a break. But I am starting back today! Laundry, dishes and Ian. Oh my! It seems to be a never ending story, but one I want to always read!

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