Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 4...

Day 4 of saving money is going well! I haven't had the TV on in the mornings all week and we have left the lights off until needed in the evening!

Also, I have been doing well on my duties as a wife and mother. Yesterday I did laundry all day and I folded or hung it up and put it away! Ok, most of it is put away, I am looking at the couch and there is still 3 pairs of shorts and a towel, but hey that is still pretty good. I have even cooked dinner every night (oh shoot, what am I going to do for dinner tonight?). I have had lunch at home everyday as well. I even had friends over who offered to bring something and I refused! I even offered for them to make a sandwich here and they thought that was a good idea! I heard someone say this week (sorry I can't remember who said it or I would give them props) that a wife is the CEO of her house. I like that! So from now on when someone asks me what I do I will say I am the CEO of Calvarese Inc! :)

As far as my duties as a mother go, I have done well. Each morning (when we would usually have the TV on) we will read books, look at flash cards and sing songs! Ian loves it. You can really tell that the extra attention wears him out because he goes right down for his naps where as before he would cry for a while. This morning I started to do things out of a book called "Slow And Steady Get Me Ready". It has 260 weekly developmental activities from birth to age 5! Today we made a sock ball and I threw it a few times and then let Ian play with it. He didn't exactly throw it, but he put it to the side of his chair. :) I would say that is good for now. We will do this game everyday and the move on to a new activity next week. Here are a few pictures of our activities from today. The first one is Ian holding the sock ball the second one is him holding one of the books we read today.

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