Monday, March 9, 2009

It has been a while...

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! I think in the blog world 8 days is forever. :)

Here are some pictures of Ian over the past few days. He is just continually getting bigger! He rolls around all of over the place. Exhibit A: Ian rolled off the blanket I had him on, spit up on the carpet rolled around in the spit up then rolled back on to his back! Here he is with spit up all over his face!

This Sunday my friend Lucy had a baby shower! Here is Holly, Jennifer (aka work Jennifer), Lucy, Ian and me. It was fun to see the girls again (well minus Angie, wish she was there).

Lucy's mom took this picture of Ian and me. I just loved the look that Ian has that I couldn't resist posting this picture!

Ok, so I am always wanting to try new recipes and I got this recipe off of the Bake at 350 blog. Mine did not so much turn out as good looking as her's did. It looks like I put ground beef on top! The good news is that they were still very yummy. Check out how they should look here. I will try to make them again and hopefully perfect them!

Calvin and Ian, believe it or not they are friends! It looks like they are fighting in this picture! Misti and I had so much taking pictures of these two. They are so funny together.
Paula (former roommate) came over for a visit and to set up her own blog! That was fun helping her get that started.

Ian is starting hold his bottle really well. He generally will hold it for about half the time it takes for him to finish eating!

Spring is in the air, well in Oklahoma it comes and goes! I think there is a chance of snow this week and right now we are under a tornado watch. Look at this picture that my husband took. It is of the blossoms on the tree in our front yard. It was a cool picture so I thought I would post it. Good job Justin!

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Bridget said... I see the picture. Maybe try dropping the batter in bigger "clumps." :)