Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My day in a blog post...

I would have said my day in a nut shell, but I am pretty sure this story is too big for a nut shell ;)

Have you ever felt like you got something that you didn't deserve. Perhaps a good grade in school or maybe you didn't get charged for your drink at dinner. Well today I was well aware that I have a husband that I don't deserve! Here is why:

Last night I didn't sleep good at all. In fact I just didn't sleep. I laid awake in bed most of the night just honestly thinking of how I would vent to Justin when he realized I had been awake all night. Lets just when I don't get good sleep I am not a nice person. I am pretty sure that at this point I was on the verge of being evil.

Enter Ian. I had heard him coughing off and on for about an hour. I kept telling myself that I would go check on him if he kept it up and of course that is when he would quit. Finally I decided I better go see if he was running a fever (Justin and I had been sick the last week so I thought he might have what we had had). With thermometer in hand I entered Ian's room to be swept away with the smell of vomit! The poor kid had been throwing up, not coughing. We will save how bad I felt for another post.

I then had to call Justin in to do the clean up as the smell was making me gag and all Justin needed was to have two people to clean up. So I went to our bedroom while Justin cleaned Ian up and once he was done I came back into the living room to talk to Ian while Justin took the blankets off Ian's bed. Justin then asked what he should do with them and I said we should probably just throw them in the wash. I should probably mention that it was 4:15 in the morning. My wonderful husband then proceeded to not only wash Ian's blankets but also put in the rest of the clothes in his laundry basket as well as some of our dirty clothes. How wonderful is he? Well just keep reading to find out!

We (and by we I mean Justin) finally got Ian back to bed and I decided to lay on the couch so I could make sure and hear Ian if he threw up again and about 5 minutes later he did. So once again I call Justin in to get his sheets off the bed. Thankfully we got there in time that it wasn't on Ian or his blankie so I took him to the living room while Justin cleaned up. Again we put Ian to bed. I had the computer up (facebook of course) and so Justin calmed me down and said it would be best for me to close up the computer and try to get some sleep. So that is just what I did, well I tried. I stayed on the couch again. About 15 minutes later I hear Justin up. He is putting the clothes in the dryer! Keep in mind it is still really early in the morning. Being the selfish, evil, sleep deprived pregnant women that I am I just laid on the couch while he did all of this.

I finally go to the point that I felt like I might fall asleep if I went to the bedroom. About 30 minutes later Justin's alarm went off. He of course hit snooze and slept in for a bit before getting up to get ready. Ian was still asleep when he was ready to leave for work so I thought I would be fine if he went to work and I was left by myself with Ian. Little did I know.

When Ian and I got up I was so tired I just wasn't thinking. I got him a cup of milk. I am sure that all of you can see what is coming next. After Ian finished his milk he threw it right up all over me! I immediatly called Justin on his cell phone and asked if he could come home. I told him what had happened. He came home to me sitting on the couch wearing nothing but a blanket. My throw up covered clothes laying on the floor. He then starts with cleaning up the clothes and starting yet another load of laundry. Once he finished that I took a shower. Oh how I felt better after that! Then Justin gave Ian a much needed bath. We called the doctor and they told us this was going around and at his age there really isn't anything they can do unless he is running a fever. They suggested some Pedialyte and Popsicle's to help keep him hydrated.

Justin then let me go to bed while he stayed up with Ian. Which I should mention that Ian was in a good mood this entire time. He never once was upset because of the throwing up! Justin stayed until after lunch and then went to work for a meeting. Let me tell you though that I have no doubt he would have stayed if I needed him too.

As you can see I have the most amazing husband in the world. I truly don't deserve him. He is so wonderful to put God first, family second and others third. I don't know what I would have done with out him today. I love him so much.

I hate that Ian was sick today, but if he hadn't been and Justin hadn't had to help out so much I fear that the evil, selfish, pregnant women would have shown her face. Thank you Lord for keeping me from showing that side of myself today!

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