Monday, August 11, 2008

week 33 update...

So my doc appointment went well. I was really tired and hot by the time they took my bp, so it was a little elevated, but not bad, she didn't seem worried. She is going to start working on getting my induction date scheduled! She will let me know at my next appointment when that is scheduled for. She gave me permission to do more than what I am doing! I still can't go out shopping or anything, but that was still good news to me. I will probably have to work my way up slowly to doing things around the house. Thankfully Justin is very great at making sure I am not doing too much! I have to do another 24 hour urine test, which sucks, but whatever and I will have one more ultra sound before the baby is born! I guess that is all for my doctor update. I think that after the next appointment I will start my weekly appointments. I am hoping that that will help the time go by faster! I am seriously ready to have this baby!!! (ok, I may not actually be ready because the thought of it makes me a little nervous).

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