Saturday, August 2, 2008

I am starting week 32!

Well not much has happened this week. In fact, I feel like this week took a while to go from Monday to Friday. I did have a good doctors appointment on Monday. I was worried that my doctor would take away some of my privileges that she has given me, but she didn't seem worried about the high bp readings. She just said to keep on the bed rest. This weeks readings have been much better! Next Thursday I start my non stress tests. I will go once a week to Mercy Hospital and be monitored for about 20 minutes and then be done. I also have another ultra sound on Thursday so look for those pictures to come! I guess that is about all for now. We are really trying to get our house organized. And by we, I mean Justin. I can do a little bit if I am sitting down. But for now there is not much else I can do but tell my wonderful hubby what a great job he is doing! I am basically his bed resting cheerleader! (give me a J, give me a U, ok I won't keep going with that).

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