Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Works for Me and a give away...

**This give away is now closed**

Do you like the music that your kids listen too? I won't lie, I love the music my kids listen to! Why? Because it consists of A) Go Fish Guys or B) Praise music! And sometimes the Go Fish Guys are singing the praise music!

This weeks Works For Me is Go Fish Guys! Their music is great to listen to. We also just had the opportunity to see them in concert and they were awesome! I don't know who was more excited, me or my kids. :) If you ever have an opportunity to take your kids to one of their concerts I would highly recommend it. It is worth the $10 (or whatever price it is). I am linking this to Works For Me Wednesday, click here for more great posts!

Here are a few pictures and a video of our concert experience. Also, below the pictures I will post info about a give away of one of their CD's! 


Now...onto the give away!!! I am so excited to be hosting my first give away! I believe so much in the ministry of Go Fish Guys that I would like to give one of you readers a copy of their CD Kickin' it Old School!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and tell me what your kids favorite music is right now. If you don't have kids, tell me what your favorite music is right now! I can't wait to hear all of the answers. I will pick a winner on Friday night and announce who it is by Saturday night. This is open to residents of the US only. Sorry to those outside of the US.

Ready, set, go...

**I should mention that Go Fish Guys don't know who I am and they are not responsible for this give away.**


Kendra said...

Your so fun! We are loving the PreStomp songs from the cd church gave us for Rafe to learn for his program he had in April!! Jolie won't let me change it but it's ok because they're fun praise songs that I love singing to too!!


Erin said...

The concert looks like it was fun! I'm glad Ian and Owen had a good time! We listen to a lot of Veggie Tales CD's around here. They've got quite a few contemporary worship songs that I like and Reagann likes to sing along with them, too. We also like to listen to Dr. Jean in the afternoons. I used to play her CD's for my kindergarteners. Her songs are educational, but they're fun to sing and dance too.

Liesl said...

Those boys are so cute, dancing at the Go Fish Guys concert! D's current favorite CD is Sing Over Me, an awesome worship lullaby CD. I think he'd love Go Fish Guys, though :)

Chris10 said...

Yay I actually made it to a giveaway on a blog that wasn't already over :)
And yay for you doing your first giveaway! You're big time now;)
Baby K loves to listen to the nursery rhyme and toddler song cd's right now. You know the ones with "Do u know the Muffin Man" and "The Wheels on the Bus" etc...but seriously he'll sing just about anything catchy so I'd like to try out the Go Fish Guys! I hope I win!!! Thanks for doing this giveaway girlie!

Laurie said...

Love those guys! I'm a SS Director and I found them while looking for VBS info. We;re doing the Backstage with the Bible VBS next week! My kids are getting older - the youngest is pushing 13 and the oldest is going into college. We love Apologetix! Now when I hear hit songs (or oldies!) on the radio I sing the Apologetix lyrics :)

Kimberly Martin said...

Fun! i need to start a blog. We have never heard of them till you guys told us about them...they look like fun! We have a couple of things we listen to right now. Dirty Sock Funtime Band and the songs from VBS. ;0). The video of the boys dancing was priceless, they are precious.