Monday, July 23, 2012

Heaven is For Real...

Have you read the book? The book titled "Heaven is For Real"? I just finished it and all I can say is wow! I cried, a lot. Poor Justin kept pausing the T.V. until I finally told him I was probably going to cry off and on so he need not pause it every time. :) 

I should mention that if you haven't read the book and don't want it ruined for you then stop reading this post and go get the book! Try your library, local book store or your neighbor! Get the book and read it. Okay, now onto my thoughts...

There is just so much to take in after reading this book. For me, one of the most amazing parts was the part about how he met his sister in heaven! Having just gone through a miscarriage myself I am comforted about the fact that we will meet our child someday in heaven.  We had a little laugh, being thankful that Ian chose the name Christy and not something like Dinosaur. I would just feel so bad for my little one running around heaven with the name Dinosaur! This has nothing to do with the book, but another way God has made me smile is that sometimes when I am alone I think to myself "I want my baby back" and suddenly a sad thought turns into a smile because the next thing I think of is the Chili's commercial "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...Chili's baby back ribs, I want my Chili's baby back ribs. Bar-B-Q sauce." Then I laugh and want ribs. Thank you LORD for humor and ribs! :) 

The other thing that I began to think about while reading this book (I should mention it took me all of one day to read this book) is that I need to tell people about God, about Jesus and about the Holy Spirit in a child like way. Meaning, not caring what they will think of me or how they will react. God is real people and we need to tell others about it! As Colton, the child written about in this book, put it "Jesus told me he died on the cross so we could go see his Dad."

It is that simple people. We try so hard to sound "grown up" when we talk about the Bible and what Jesus did, but is it really that hard to tell? Can we not just ask people if they know who Jesus is and what he did? I won't lie, it is tough for me to talk about this with other people. Sometimes I don't even know where to begin. I want to pray more and I want to pray that God will give me the words to say and the times to say them. I want to be unashamed. I want to be unafraid. I want to be bold. Join with me. Will you?

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Kendra said...

I have the same fears and was ashamed of myself when God recently gave me the opportunity at a convienant store. I didn't feel smart enough in case he went way into his atheist ways. Been upset about it since. I'm going to do the higher institute of learning but want to read this book too!