Thursday, July 5, 2012

A letter to my baby...

Even though I never got to hold you in my arms and kiss your little face, I loved you. I picture that you are in heaven, being held by a childless woman. You have now made her a mother. I know they say there are no tears in heaven, but I can't imagine her not crying as she holds your body in her arms. I imagine you are playing with the other babies who have not met their earthly mothers. 

I have a peace about not meeting you, however it doesn't make me miss you any less. I miss getting to feel you kick, hear your heart beat, finding out if you are a boy or girl. So much I am going to miss experiencing with you. 

I trust I will get to see you in heaven some day. So this is not goodbye, but see you later. I love you so much!

your mommy


Cathy said...

Jessica, I'm so sorry. I pray for God's comfort for you knowing he is in control. Hugs, Cathy

Mrs. Olio said...

Thank you Cathy. It has been hard, but God has really just given me a peace about it all. I am having moments of crying, like when I told Ian he could name the baby and he chose Christy (meaning is Christ Follower)! Prayer is so important during difficult times. SO thank you for your prayers!