Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Three years ago...

I said "I do" to the most amazing man ever!

I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up at 5, or should I say got up because I was already awake and just couldn't get back to sleep! I took my shower and washed my hair even though the hair lady told me not to wash it that morning. Oh well, my hair still looked good!

My friend/bridesmaid Abby went to McDonald's with me for breakfast. I know I didn't spare anything to make that day fancy. ;)

When we arrived at the church I started to get worried when the hair lady was late. But she arrived and we began the proccess of making me in to the beautiful bride that I was that day (yes you can call that bragging, but I thought I looked great!).

Justin and I had decided to give each other a gift that day. I thought he meant for it to be giving before the wedding, so I sent my gift over to him. He was embarrassed when he opened it in front of his dad. It wasn't anything bad, but it could be questionable. It was a massage ball that I got at Bath and Body Works! Anyway, he gave me the gift once we got to the hotel. It was a beautiful silver cross with the word LOVE in the middle!

Ok, so on to the ceremony. I thought it was a good one. Not too long, but not real short either. During the unity candle part we were laughing at just talking to each other. I told him "guess what, we get to have (you can fill in the blank) tonight!" I don't know if that embarrassed him or not but I think we had fun up there.

Ok, so enough details lets see some pictures! Just kidding, it looks like we don't have any scanned in so you can check back later and maybe my sweet, smart, good looking husband can scan some in tonight!

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