Friday, December 25, 2009

Our day in a nut shell, or a snow shell...

What a day, or should I say two days! Yesterday (Christmas eve) it began to snow, it continued to snow and continued to snow and just when you thought it was done it kept on going! It became a full on blizzard! In fact that is what the news people have officially titled it... "Blizzard 09". I really thought they should come up with something more creative. Justin heard someone on the radio say "white death 09", which I think was a little too much but at least it was creative!

Today (Christmas day) we had planned on going to my Mom and Step-dad's house to celebrate with the entire family! When I say entire I mean all 5 siblings (includes step), their spouses and kids, and of course Nana and Pawpaw! However, we decided to hold off since most of us were coming from at least 30 minutes away (which in blizzard roads would have turned into at least an hour I am sure). We will celebrate our Savior's birth tomorrow.

Justin, Ian and I did celebrate together today. We opened gifts, which was awesome. My hubbs did great on the gifts he got me! It was funny because everything he got me was on my list of wants, I forgot about most of them though so it was a huge surprise when I opened them!

After Ian's nap and lunch we read the story of Jesus' birth. What a great reminder that God is in control!

I wanted to thank the two ladies who left comments on my last post about birth control. I really think they have helped me in my desicion. The hubs and I will still discuss the final out come. It is not to late to share your opinion with me! Comment, comment, comment!!! I love those comments ;)

Ok, here are some pictures of our day. Merry Christmas and remember that Jesus loves us. If you have any questions about what I am talking about then PLEASE leave me a comment.

My little cheeseburger ;) (Veggie Tales anyone?)

Blizzard '09

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Squirly Girls said...

Ian is adorable. Glad to hear you all had a good Christmas.