Friday, December 18, 2009

Giving it up to God...

Sometimes giving things to God is a lot harder than just saying "Lord I give _____ to you". Sometimes it takes action. Like today I have given the need for a babysitter up to God, but what do I do? I sit in front of the computer just waiting for someone to email me back that they can babysit for us. Then it hit me that first of all if we do find a babysitter that can come over to our house then I need to get some cleaning done and second it may not come in the form of an email! So I got up off my butt and cleaned the main bathroom, started laundry, did dishes and showered! I even cleaned the master bath while I was at it! Now I find myself listening to Ian's v-tech doll that he has in his crib. He for some reason isn't going to sleep today, but at least he isn't crying! Thanks Nana and Pawpaw for the frog doll! Thank you Lord for the people who make v-tech toys.

Ok, back to the original subject. Giving things to God... I have decided that if God doesn't want us at the FLOCK Christmas party tonight then that is what I want to. Right? It is always hard for me to trust that He knows best. Why is that? I mean God has taken care of me my whole life, I need not worry about something so small as having a night with other adults right? RIGHT! So I am going to get off the computer again, because I keep thinking that surely someone will email me saying they can babysit, and I am going to fix my hair and finish getting ready.

FYI - Ian is 15 months old today! We go to his doctor appointment today, I better pack the camera! ;)

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