Monday, November 30, 2009

left over rolls...

We usually don't have left over rolls in our family. It doesn't matter what holiday meal it is, we love the bread (ok, it could just be that I love the bread and eat it all, but we won't say that too loudly). Well this year I was in charge of buying all of the food for our Thanksgiving dinner. I did my best to buy a small amount of food as we always have left overs of stuff each year. My brother lives in Texas, so he isn't going to take it with him and I have usually been doing weight watchers so I don't want it and my parent's don't really want it either. I did however buy an abundance of rolls! Like I said, I don't feel like you can have too many rolls. The real reason I bought them though is because of this neat idea from the blog Make and Takes. It sounded like such an easy way to make a fun desert kind of thing. So I did it! The one thing I did not do is place the rolls close enough together, so one of my wreaths broke :( but it still tasted yummy! Since all I had was chocolate frosting I just made them more like donuts. It was like baked donuts! So yummy! The icing was a little too sweet to me, but more to come on that later ;)

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