Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I was reminded....

I was reminded today just how much I adore my husband. Yes I love him. Yes I respect him. Yes I am honored to be his wife. But with all that said I just adore him SO much! I was reading this blog when I was reminded just how much I adore him.

He is so cute with Ian. It is in the times that he does not see me looking that I see this wonderful side of him (not that there is a not wonderful side to him, but you know what I am saying). He will sit and play with Ian trying to teach him how to put the blocks in the matching wholes. The way he prays for him at night. The way he holds him when he is tired. It just moves my heart!

I also adore the way he is with me. :) He constantly tells me I am beautiful, but even better I love it when he tells me I am HOT! ;) He will do the dishes when I am tired or finish the laundry when I am not around. He goes to work so I can stay home. This list could go on and on! Oh and he rubs my feet all the time!

Oh how I hope our children will know just how much I love, respect and adore my husband!

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