Monday, November 16, 2009

If you have a bathroom...

If you have a bathroom here are a few rules you should follow. By following these you and any guests should have comfortable bathroom experiences. :)

1. ALWAYS have toilet paper in the bathroom. Have a stash under the sink and even have another secret one hidden behind the stash. This will keep you from having to yell someones name to bring you more! Now I know you may be thinking that in this day pretty much everyone has a cell phone why not call? Well not all bathrooms have good cell phone coverage so your guest may feel as though they will die in the bathroom because there is no toilet paper.

2. ALWAYS have a plunger in the room. This will keep your guests from feeling embarrassed when they have to run through your house asking for a plunger. Not that I know from experience or anything. ;)

3. ALWAYS have air freshener in the room. Again, this will keep your guests feeling comfortable if they happen to get "sick" and then there is someone waiting right out the door to go to the bathroom right after me, err I mean the guest that we are talking about. I mean really who wants to leave a stink for the next guest and who wants to walk in to a room of stink?

If you cannot follow all of these rules then you just shouldn't have a bathroom, or at the least you should not be allowed to have guests! Perhaps I can get congress to pass a law about this. I mean at least then we could say that the Obama administration has done something productive. ;)

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Erin said...

These really are good rules to follow. I can think of at least two situations I've been in that one or more of these rules would have helped me out. :c)