Friday, November 20, 2009

God knows...

I know I have mentioned on here before about how I don't understand why God allows certain things to happen. For instance a friend of mine lost her baby two weeks before her due date, or another friend had a misscarriage and hasn't been able to conceive since. The stories I have heard on the news this week have made me cry. I can't even type them out because the are just too horrible. Ugh and now here is another one that is just mind boggling. I have been reading about this family that goes to the church that I used to go to on a lot of my friends facebook page updates. There names are Vanessa and Jay Hart. Well for some reason it didn't click in that I knew them and while I prayed for there little son Brock I didn't follow through with reading there blog. Then it clicked in that this was a guy that was friends with my brother and sister in high school. I knew him as Jason, but I guess he goes by Jay now. Anyway, when I read there blog today I just thought I should share it with my blog readers. This baby needs our prayers and his family needs our prayers. I couldn't imagine going through what they are going through. There son was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) in October. Please go and check out there blog and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

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