Saturday, December 28, 2013

I want you to know...

Several months ago Justin and I talked to our church about joining with 2 other couples and teaching a young married Sunday School class. One of the many thoughts that we all had was that it would be nice to have a group of people that are in our age group/walk of life to do life with.  

Little did I know that so soon after our group started meeting that we would be going through such a huge loss. On Monday, December 23rd, a young wife/mother lost her life. I am still in shock about this and I can only imagine what her husband is going through. 

The loss of this precious life has had me thinking. First of all I have been telling people how much I love them. If for some reason God wants to take me to heaven at a moments notice, I want everyone that I love to know that I loved them. 

Second, I have been thinking about salvation. There are people in my life that I am always praying for, that they will find the truth about God and his son Jesus. That they will realize that the only way to get to heaven is to have a relationship with God. I used to use the term "saved", and while that is still a valid term, I feel like it should be explained in a different way. For example I could say I was "saved" at age 14, then go on and live my life however I please, but of course I would say I am "saved" and that I know that I am going to heaven. I think that there are a lot of people who feel this way.

A good way to think about it is like this: Once I met the band News Boys (christian music band). I even got to drive them around town! That was when I was in high school. Currently I listen to some of their songs on the radio and of course I tell people about the time I got to drive them around town. So with that being said, does that mean I am friends with them? Do you think if I called them up they would verify that yes indeed they had met me back in my high school days? My guess is that they would not even remember. You see if I don't continue to have a relationship with them, why would they have any reason to remember meeting me? 

In my opinion, our relationship with God is the same way. If I am not building a relationship with him. Learning about him, telling others about him, talking to him through prayer, reading the Bible, then why should He remember me the time back in the day when I asked him to save me, to be my heavenly father? 

This is just something to ponder. If you haven't started a relationship with God then now is the time. You never know when your last breath will be, so make the most of each moment that you have. If you have any question about God, salvation or a relationship with God, please leave a comment and way to reach you. I would be happy to talk to you about it.

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