Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trying to be positive...

Yesterday was a really, really, very, horribly rough day! I won't go into detail, but I will say in included a certain 4 year old screaming in the middle of the doctor office waiting room and a certain mom having to re-schedule her much needed doctor appointment because of it.

So because of yesterday's happenings I was very negative for most of the day. I decided that today I need to try and be positive.

Here are a few things I will say that are positive:

1. I love how my boys are so intent on saving their money and yet they spend it all the time. For example, Ian really wants to buy a bubble blower machine. It costs about $10. He had $6 last week. On Saturday he bought a soda, because I wasn't going to buy it for him. Today he bought a hot wheels car, because again I wasn't going to buy it for him. I reminded him that the more he spends the longer it will be before he has enough money to buy the bubble blower. His answer to this was "well I will just earn more money"! I love his attitude. And even though it isn't the choice I would make for him I am letting him learn on his own how spending and saving works. I will try to help guide him right now and hope that he will begin to see that saving for the things he really wants is a good idea. :)

2. I love it when Ian and Owen wrestle. They laugh and cry at the same time because it hurts but they are having a good time. I never thought I would be a good boy mom, but I am sure enjoying having boys!

3. I love that the boys imagination is getting bigger! They actually play with their toys in imaginative ways! I love it.

4. I love that when Justin comes home from work, he is happy.

5. I love when Justin laughs/smiles. He has the cutest natural smile!

6. I love that even though I am not a really talented cookie decorator Justin makes me feel like I could rule the world of cookie decorating :) He is such an encourager and I am so blessed to have him.

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