Friday, April 12, 2013

Truely not my will...

I found myself thinking a lot last night about my friends Liesl and Steve and their situation with the adoption of their son. 

One thing I thought about was just how special they are. My boys call them Aunt Liesl and Uncle Steve and that isn't a title I just give out to anyone! Especially since I am an Aunt myself. I guess this is why I want so much for things to work out for them, they are like family I suppose. 

Any who, I realized last night as I was praying for them that I have been holding on. You know only giving it to God a little. The example I could think of was a basket. I have this basket full of prayers for them and I ask God to take it, but I only let him have one handle. I figure he needs help carrying it, right? Wrong! 


You would think that since this situation I am praying for doesn't directly involve me that it wouldn't matter if I fully gave it to God. However, I think it does.  So last night I pushed the basket to God, literally. I was laying in bed and I pushed my hands in front of me. Thankfully my husband was already asleep, so I didn't have to explain myself in the middle of the night ;) But really I felt so much better after that. 

What is it that you have been holding part of the basket of prayer on? Can you give it to god? Push it away with your hands, you will find that 1. it is hard to do. You will want to hold on, even though there is nothing to physically hold on to. 2. Once you do release it and give it fully to God you will find that you are really okay with His will and not just if it goes your way!

By the way, feel free to check out Liesl's blog to find out more about their story and how you can help by buying a puzzle piece!

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Liesl said...

Thanks so much, sweet friend! This trial sure does stink, but it is so much easier when we have friends like you walking along side us and praying us through. Love you, friend!