Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Owl's and bags...

I decided to bake a practice cake for a baby shower I will be hosting soon. I saw this Owl cake in a magazine at walmart and decided to go ahead and buy it and do it like the instructions say, rather than making up my own rules. I have a tenancy to make up my own rules for things because the ones set are too hard or too long. ;)

Anyways, the cake turned out pretty good for the first try. There are some changes I will make for the next one, but over all I was happy with it. I sent it to work with Justin so I wouldn't be tempted to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because that if how I roll with cake in the house!

I also made a bag for the boys. I'm not sure why, mainly because I wanted to keep my newly learned skills at the front of my mind. I'm glad I did too, because at first I had issues, but with the help of my friends and husband I was able to get it figured out! Now the bag isn't that good. The pocket needs improvement as well as placed better. But for my first one I was proud of it. And it helps that Ian liked it and didn't seem to care about the fact that it needed improvement. In fact he already knows that he wants to put his crayon rolls in the bag for when we travel!
I just noticed that I put the pocket upside down. HA! Well someday I will get the hang of it.

Now if I could just learn how to grow my own garden and keep a clean house I could possibly win homemaker of the year! Odds aren't good though ;)

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katie ridings said...

That cake is awesome!!