Saturday, August 6, 2011

Feeling blessed...

Tonight Justin and I loaded the boys up and went to church. We usually go to church on Sunday mornings, but because we are bringing snacks tomorrow to our FLOCK we decided we would go tonight so that I would have time to make the snacks tomorrow with out stressing out.

We weren't at church more than 10 minutes and we began to smell smoke. You could tell everyone else smelled it too. Pretty quick after that we were told that we were okay and church continued on. The smoke smell became pretty strong and caused my allergies to go in to super bad mode! At first I was just thinking of myself and how annoyed I was that my allergies were bothering me, then it hit me. Some where someones house or land is on fire. I began to then thank God for allowing my allergies to be the only thing I had to worry about tonight.

My heart is just broken for those who are having to evacuate there houses. I can't imagine what that would be like. We actually have several people that we know who are being evacuated. Please keep these families in your prayers tonight and in the coming days. Please pray for rain to continue to fall (it is raining tonight, thank you LORD!). Here is a link to the article about the fire.

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