Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can you relate...

This is how I feel when I am depressed:

I would rather sit than stand
I would rather spend money then not
I would rather eat chocolate instead of fruit
I would rather eat anything
I would rather sleep then even be on the couch
I would rather watch TV than work out
I would rather eat out then cook at home
I would rather have my kids be entertained with TV then with me playing with them

This is how I feel when I am happy:

I would rather do things then sit on the couch
I think about saving money rather then spending it
I still like my chocolate, but I enjoy eating fruit too
I still like to sleep, but not as much
I like to cook at home rather then eat out
I still like to watch TV but I don't feel the need to have it on 24/7
I like to play with my kids to entertain them rather then having the TV do it

I'm not sure how I am feeling today, but I just thought I would share this because for some reason I thought someone out there might need to know they are not alone.

In fact you are never alone! If you are a believer in Christ and have put your faith in Him, He is with you always.

Keep your head up and look to the one who made you for approval. You are loved. Remember God is not mad at you, He loves you and will forgive you. (My friend Syd reminded me of this)

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