Thursday, March 3, 2011

I just need to vent a little...

I have to be honest, this day has been really hard. Not only did I not get much sleep last night (Owen woke up at 12ish, 3ish and again at 6:30ish), but I can't go to the fridge and grab my usual stress relief drink, diet Dr. Pepper.

Again, just being honest, I am not doing this 30 day challenge for the health benefits. I am not doing it to get off of caffeine. I am not doing it to hear from people about how I will eat less by not drinking soda. I am doing this because I can. Because I chose last month to begin doing challenges 30 days at a time. Have I cut out fries completely just because I didn't eat them for 30 days...NO. Do I have any intention of cutting out soda completely after this challenge is up, no not really.

With the day that I have had I posted several comments on Facebook expressing just how much I really wanted a diet Dr. Pepper. And to be honest, I probably would have had a much better day if I would have been able to drink one. However, many people used the comment section on my status to "encourage" me. To be honest (and well you will see I am going to be honest) very few of the comments did encourage me. In fact they made me pretty mad and even more frustrated then I already was. You see, I don't need people to tell me about the science and the health of not drinking soda, I know that it isn't the most healthy thing in the world. I needed friends who would say "no matter what you chose today I will stand by you and support you and will still be your friend", I got that from two of my friends, whom I love dearly. One didn't do it via facebook comment, the other did. But both meant the world to me. One of them said this " 2011 is your year of "what if I DO succeed at the things that I have always told myself I can't" :) You are stronger than you realize, and where you aren't...His strength will be made perfect in our weakness! Love you, and am praying for you!"

I loved that. His strength will be made perfect in our weakness! Those simple words were part of what I needed to hear. The other was this "I know you are having a hard day and whether or not you decide to change your challenge, I just want you to know that I will support your decision no matter what you choose."

To my two friends who said just what I needed to hear...THANK YOU. I did not give in to the diet Dr. Pepper. I did get tea and honestly I did eat more than I needed.

To my friends who might get offended about what I am writing, I am not out to offend you. I just needed to vent. I still love each of you and appreciate the thought of your words. I know none of you meant to upset me. But when someone is quiting something they are very much addicted to there is only so much they can take (and by "they" I mean "me").

So there you go. For those who can still drink soda, please drink one for me and enjoy it with all of your heart!

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Squirly Girls said...

I am so proud of you. Not because of your diligence in your chalange, but because you are, day in and day out, doing the hardest job there is. You are being a mom. It is filled with self-sacrifice, as you know, and can become quite overwhelming. It is the greatest chalange of your life. And you are succeeding. You are fullfilling His plan by staying home and raising Godly young men (something our nation desperately needs). So keep up the good work on all your chalanges. From one mom to another, I am praying for you.