Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last night I went to a fun new cupcake place in OKC. It is called Pinkitzel. It is so fun and so girly! I really think I could just hang out there for hours, just because of the atmosphere. And the employee that was there the night I went was super nice and totally didn't make fun of my constant picture taking (at least not to my face) :) The cupcakes were good (I am told by my friend who went with me that there are better cupcakes, but they may have less icing) and came with a tower of icing! I love me some icing. I broke out of my usual chocolate on chocolate and got an eggnog flavored cupcake. I liked it, but I will have to say that when Justin pulled out his chocolate truffle cupcake to eat (I brought him home a cupcake) I took a small bite of the icing and YUMMY! Next time I go I will stick to the chocolate! Here are a few (ok, a few thousand) pictures for your enjoyment. I would highly recommend going here for a girls night or date night. Totally fun!

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