Saturday, December 4, 2010

5K and some cookies...

Justin and I did a 5K today! It was so stinking cold at the beginning, but warmed up towards the end. I finished last place with the guy in this picture. He was really sweet and last year at this time he was in the hospital about to die. Now he did a 5K, how awesome is that?!? Justin did it with me and was a good sport about finishing so late. He is my strongest supporter and I love him SO much!
I decided to show you the cookies I decorated. The top picture are only a few of the bad looking ones. The bottom row of the bottom picture are my three favorite. I do hope to master cookies some day, but for now I can at least say they tasted good. I used the royal icing recipe from iambaker. Be warned that by clicking on her blog you may very well spend the rest of your day looking at all her fun recipes and pictures! Here is a link to her blog and here is a link to her icing recipe.


Liesl said...

Way to brave the cold and stick out the 5K!!! I love that you enjoy these so much now! Inspires me :)

And those cookies...well, they look amazing and yummy.

Miss you!

Amanda said...

Your cookies are wonderful!! I bet everyone loved them!