Monday, January 25, 2010

crazy kid...

I have decided to add acrobat to Ian's list of future occupations. You see he already is to be a drummer, a treasure hunter, an architect and I am sure engineer is on there too. ;)

On to the new addition of acrobat. Today I was babysitting for a friend of mine. Well Ian was in for an adventure! When I spoke with her on the phone she had said that Ian would have a place to sleep for his naps. However, what I wasn't thinking about was the fact that her daughter is only 5 months old and the crib and pack n' play are still on the high levels since she can't crawl out.

Ok, moving on. Ian was not taking a nap this afternoon and since I couldn't put him down anywhere to sleep I tried to get him to sleep with me on the couch. Finally he fell a sleep. But of course about 10 minutes later little baby B started crying (she was down for a nap). I gently rolled Ian onto the couch and picked up little B. By that time Ian was up again. I decided at that time to go ahead and lay him down in the crib since he was fast asleep only minutes before. Um, yeah that was a mistake! He cried for about 5 minutes then I heard nothing. I thought I would go in and check on him. I saw his blankie in the hall way and thought to myself "did I drop it?". I slowly walked up to pick it up and guess who is standing on the other side of the wall? IAN! He had crawled or climbed or fell out of the crib, did not cry about it mind you, and then was on his way to explore the guest room! Oh my how that kid can get into trouble.

I honestly should have given him a spanking on the hand, but he just looked up at me with a big smile that I kind of forgot he should have been in trouble. Plus I was really thankful he wasn't hurt. Praise God for that!

I sure love my crazy kid!

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Squirly Girls said...

Sounds like you are getting some practice for the near future:) Get some extra rest today since yesterday was so crazy!