Monday, January 4, 2010

Lemon drops...

Man what a weekend! I really wanted to post something this weekend but Ian was sick with a fever between 99 and 103.8! Thankfully this morning his fever was just low at about 99.2 after some Tylenol and rest he is great! He actually ate lunch today, which he didn't do all weekend. :(

Now on to the real reason I wanted to post.

As you know by now I have been pretty sick with this pregnancy. So while at Motherhood Maternity I bought some Preggie Pops. I bought the big package because the flavors were better. Now I am not much of a lemon person. In fact I usually don't eat lemon flavored candy, but since it was the last flavor to try and I was nearly out I decided to give the lemon Preggie Pop a try.

It was like I was taken back to being a kid. You see my Pawpaw always kept a jar of lemon drops on his dresser. I am not sure why he didn't have them in the kitchen or living room, perhaps he knew he would eat them all ;) Now I am loving the lemon flavored preggie pop because it reminds me of the lemon drops on my Pawpaw's dresser.

I sure wish him and my Mamaw were around to meet Justin, Ian and baby dos. Oh well, I will see them again in heaven some day!

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