Friday, January 1, 2010

Better get my post done...

Well nothing starts a new year off right like throwing up first thing. :) I swear I have thrown up more in the past 10 weeks then in my entire life! Wait did you read that right, 10 weeks!!! Our baby has little fingers and toes that can clearly be seen!

We should be finding out what we are having on February 23rd. I absolutely can't wait!!!

Today Nana and Pawpaw came and got Ian and let Justin and I rest. Neither of us felt good, so poor Ian was stuck in his "play area" aka a gated area in the living room. Evidently they were at Best Buy when Ian spotted a women who looked like me from the back and he walked over (like 3 steps) to her and said momma! I thought that was so funny. He barely calls me momma to my face, so I thought it was kind of sweet that he would do that, even though it was to a complete stranger.

Well that is it. I thought I better get in my first post of the new year on the first day of the new year. There is only one hour till January 2nd, so there you go, I think I am up way too late! Good night all and happy New Year!

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