Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 years ago...

Two years ago I married the most wonderful man in the world! He is smart, funny, caring and loves God. I can't believe that I was blessed with Justin.

I can remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. I woke up (after taking some tylenol pm because I was so excited I couldn't sleep) at 5 in the morning because I just couldn't stay asleep. My friend Abby and I got up and and went to breakfast at McDonald's (I know can I be any cheaper?). Then we headed to the church. I wasn't nervous at all. I knew that we were doing the right thing. The only regret is that we didn't film the wedding. I wish so much that we would have found someone to film it. Oh well. Anyways, I remember Justin and I laughing up on the alter. It was so much fun! I may have cried a little bit, but come on I am a women.

I love you Justin and am so glad to call you my husband!


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Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary!!! :) You two are stinkin' adorable...I'm just sayin'