Tuesday, June 17, 2008

bed rest (yes still)

So I am not going to lie. Bed rest is not the relaxing vacation most people think it will be. It is more like being imprisoned in your own house. Being scared that if you do to much you will hurt the baby, but at the same time being scared that if you don't do at least something you might go crazy and well in turn hurt the baby. I don't know how they think this is supposed to reduce my stress and lower my blood pressure. Thank God I have a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL husband. I can't say enough about Justin. He has truly been my encouragement during this time. And while it has only been about 2 weeks, he is so strong and keeps up with things that need to be done. I respect him so much.

Well that is all for now. I may begin to write everyday so I don't just watch TV all day! Please keep Justin, Ian and me in your prayers. We all need strength right now.

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