Saturday, May 17, 2008

A 9 year olds lesson...

So on Thursday it was my niece's birthday. I can't believe she is 9 years old! Anyway, I didn't get to call her until after 8pm, at which point I didn't know if it would be past or getting close to her bed time. It turns out she was awake and would have to call me back. So in the mean time Justin and I went to Walmart. Once we were there Kylie called me back and we talked about what she would be doing for her birthday, you know the typical bday conversation. Then I told her that if we weren't in Walmart I would sing Happy Birthday to her, but I was afraid that all the people would look at me funny. (I was kind of joking and kind of serious). She in turn says "Who cares what they think, screw them!" It was a lesson that I know her parents have been trying to teach for a while, that it doesn't matter what others think. Well I sure did learn a lesson from her! So right in the middle of Walmart I broke out into Happy Birthday, and Justin joined along too! And do you know what? Not one person looked at me funny, although I think the whole entire Walmart heard me sing it!

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