Monday, February 25, 2008

9 weeks!

The embryo may now officially be called a fetus, which literally means "little one" -- and he's about the size of a strawberry. An inch long, he has hands that can flex at the wrist, and he's able to fold them over his heart. Eyelids cover his eyes, and his ears are beginning to take shape on the sides of his head. His genitals are forming, but your doctor won't yet be able to discern his sex by sonogram. Give it a few more months; an ultrasound performed in the second trimester should tell you -- if you want to know ahead of time, that is.

(I love that fetus means "little one" I think I will start refering to our baby as little one!)

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Anonymous said...

i'm so excited for u guys!! i just checked my email and saw that u had a baby blog, so now i can be checking up on u all the time :). hope ur having a good day! luv sarah