Friday, March 29, 2013

Cookies, I'm at it again...

I feel bad for my husband. Why? Well because I continually change my hobby. One minute I want to scrapbook another minute I want to bake. Who knows, some day I may want to do photography! 

Recently I decided I wanted to decorate cookies again. Yes, again. You can see here where I began decorating cookies. I would like to think I have improved a great deal since that post.

Here are the most recent ones I have done. I ordered a ton of cookie cutters with my birthday money! I may just have to order some more. I'm thinking of having a cookie decorating party for the boys. That way we can meet some of the kids in their Sunday School class at church and maybe make some friends. Poor Ian has been asking to have friends over and I don't know how to tell him that we don't really know anyone well enough that has kids. :( 

Ian and Owen asked me to make the rocket ship for them and for daddy :)

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P.S. I got the recipe for these cookies from the blog Bake@350! She is so talented and I actually won some of her cookies before! Check out her blog for some amazing cookie ideas!

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