Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...

We got our Christmas tree decorated this weekend! It was so fun this year because Ian was old enough to help. He seemed to have fun and loves to look at the ornaments that are on the tree. I tried to tell him a little about each of the "special" ones and now he will show me the "special" ones. Like the ornament we got our first year of marriage, and the Elvis ornament that my college roommate gave me.

It was also fun to tell him why we celebrate Christmas. How it is Jesus' birthday and about what the star on the top of the tree means.

Our ornaments are close together and the back part doesn't even have any on it, but I don't care! It was so much fun and great family time and wonderful memories were made. I look forward to when both boys can help!

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Cathy said...

Cute photo! I like that you are relaxed enough to let Ian help and leave the ornaments bunched up on the front. Maybe next year all loosen up and let Tyler do more.