Sunday, November 13, 2011

I hate being sick, but more than that, I hate it when one of my boys is sick...on a weekend...on the Sunday we are scheduled to teach in preschool.

Yeah, Ian is sick again. Woke him up this morning, which should have been my first clue that something was wrong because he usually wakes us up, and he had thrown up in bed. Then continued to throw up all through the morning. At this point (11:45ish) he seems to finally be keeping down his water, which is good. Hopefully we won't have to go to the doctor or hospital. I was worried at first since he wasn't keeping his water down that we would have to go get an IV or something. Hopefully we can just let it ride out and he will be better soon.

Just keep us in your prayers. I felt a little flash back to when he was sick for two weeks with diarrhea. I started crying and just felt like I was about to have an anxiety attack. After going to my counselor a few weeks ago I realized that I felt like I was a bad mom since I couldn't help him through all of that. I just want to be a good mom and take care of my kids. They mean the world to me!

On a completely unrelated note, Owen is already turning into a computer nerd ;) I love it though! Maybe he will invent something that people can't live with out and make all sorts of money so Justin and I will be taken care of in our old age. :) Or maybe he won't, I will love him no matter what!

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