Saturday, September 10, 2011

Speical Agent Oso birthday party...

Today we celebrated Ian's 3rd birthday! Of course he doesn't actually turn 3 until the 18th, however we have several friends that have his same birthday or close to it so we opted to celebrate early rather than compete for times on the actual day.

My awesome husband made the invitations! He is awesome! What, I said that already? Well it needs to be mentioned twice. Here are the invitations that he made, Special Agent Oso was our theme!

The cake was made by none other than Lacye's Cakery and Cookies. The cake was YUMMY! I am realizing that the more people you invite to the party the less cake you take home. So, um, yeah some of Ian's friends have got to go, I want more of her cake left over! Just kidding, but it is that good. And isn't the art on it amazing too? Yep it is!

Here are a few more pictures from his party. We are so blessed to be able to have had it at our church. We had lots of fun and are so blessed by all of our friends and family.

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Great moment and big smile over there, nice :-)