Friday, September 9, 2011

lessons being learned...

Today we went and visited a little girl at the hospital. She was so cute and sweet. She acted as though she had known us forever. I hadn't seen her since she was just a baby and now she is 4 1/2.

Anyways, not really the point of the story.

On our way we stopped at Starbucks to get LG's (this is the little girls name and no, it doesn't stand for little girl) mom an apple cider. Ian kept saying how much he likes starbucks, like he goes there all the time or something. He then asked if he could have a drink of the apple cider and I told him no it is for our friend. This led to a huge crying fest and fit throwing fest. Not a fun ride to the hospital.

Fast forward to when Justin got home and we were telling him about our day. I was explaining to Justin the story about the apple cider fit and Ian spoke up and said "yeah, I cried and screamed" Justin then asked him "was that right or wrong?" and Ian said "wrong".

The point of this story is that lessons are being learned. Some times it just takes a few tears (both his and mine) to get it through to him!

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Liesl said...

So awesome! I know the fits and screaming can't be fun (mom's or Ian's...LOL) but so cool that you and Justin turned it into a teaching moment! I love learning things from you as we all do this journey of parenting together!