Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I am sure my husband will blush at my sharing this, but 5 years ago today we had our first kiss! :) Go ahead and say it...awwww. I love that man more and more each year! I am so blessed to be his wife.

To celebrate this holiday of our people...oh wait, neither of us is Mexican, but we needed an excuse to eat Alfredo's Mexican Cafe! Let me tell you if all of the food they served was gross I wouldn't care, because their glazed sopapilla is AWESOME! It is like a Mexican Krispy Kreme! YUMMY! If you are in the OKC area you must try them out. Here is the website so you can find the location closest to you. I should mention the food is wonderful too, so don't just go for the sopapilla , but for sure save room for it!

Now then, on to more pressing matters. Owen can stand up all by himself (well he has to hold on to something like a toy or couch)! He is just getting SO big! He is also on the verge of crawling. I am loving watching him get older. He also wants to play with the big boys (i.e. Calvin and Ian). We babysat Calvin (Ian's bff) the other day and Owen was crying till Justin put him on the floor with the big boys! Here is a picture of Owen standing up. Notice he is trying to get the remote. Like daddy, like brother, like Owen! :)

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