Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I met the Pioneer Woman!

If you are a blogger or blog stalker of any kind you know who the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond is. Her blog is so fun and entertaining to read. She really knows how to keep your attention with her writing.

Well, lucky me, she was in our home town doing a book signing for her new kids book "Charlie the Ranch Dog" and I got to go! I took my boys and arrived early to get my ticket to stand in line. I was number 50! Not too bad seeing how there were a lot...A LOT of people in line. My friend Lacye came with her baby boy and we hung out in line for about an hour before we made it to see her.

She was just as nice as could be. She took pictures with everyone that asked and was just so nice! She said Owen just melted her heart :) Can you blame her? He is pretty darn cute. Ian, at that point, wasn't really interested in doing anything other than play with the toys that the book store had.

Last night before bed, we read the book and Ian seemed to really like it. He wanted to read it again, but alas, we had to put him to bed. I told him we can read it tonight before bed though. It made me glad that we got the book. I would have felt bad if he didn't even like the book ;)

Here are some pictures from our fun time of meeting PW! Go to her blog and check out all the fun stuff she has going on.

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