Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Elmo cupcakes!

We celebrated Ian's 2 year birthday on Saturday the 18th! It went great. We had a blast and Ian was super tired and went to bed early. ;)

I made Elmo cupcakes. They were so fun to make and really once I got started they didn't take long at all. I did sort of an assembly line...icing, sprinkles, eyes, nose mouth, icing, sprinkles, eyes, nose, mouth. Once I got that down I really started popping them out!

I made chocolate cupcakes (boxed mix) and added dark chocolate chips to the mix. Yummy! Then I made a white chocolate butter cream frosting. This was easy to make, but because of the white chocolate it made it hard to work with. Also, I used candy melts instead, to get the red color, so that probably didn't help with that problem. If I make this again I will probably use another recipe or actual white chocolate. The eyes are marshmallows cut in to thirds (I tried doing 1/2 a marshmallow but it looked too big so I did the thirds and that seemed to work out good), the pupil is a chocolate covered marshmallow (you can buy these at the store!) cut in half. The nose is a pretzel M&M and the mouth is 1/2 an Oreo (I figured out that instead of just cutting them in half you really need to do more of a sawing action with a butter knife otherwise you will have pieces of oreo all over the place and won't be happy with the mouth). Oh and I also used red sprinkles to get the fur effect. Over all I think these turned out well!

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Bethany said...

Those are the CUTEST cupcakes ever!