Monday, August 9, 2010

The real world...(not the road rules)

Well we have officially entered into the real world. Yep, all the grandparents are gone, Justin is back to work and we are done getting dinners brought to us (unless you still want to get in on that action, we will accept anything). ;)

I decided last night that no matter what I wanted to stay active today. So this morning, even though I was super tired, I texted my friend Misti and we decided to go on a walk. We ended up going to the mall to walk because it was super hot, even at 9 in the morning. Then we came back to my house and let the boys, well the older boys, play in the sprinkler. I then made us all lunch! Man what a great morning. After they left, Ian took a nap and Owen and I tried to, but Owen decided napping wasn't that great and decided he wanted to eat instead. Of course as soon as he was done eating and all cozy in the bed, Ian decided to wake up. Perhaps someday they will be on the same nap schedule. (let me dream)

So with Ian being up and Owen sleeping, I decided to put Ian in the high chair and go take a shower. I turned Elmo on so he could be distracted. It worked! After my shower I cleaned the kitchen and then called one of my BFF's Erin and we talked for only a short time (okay, an hour and a half). After that I actually made dinner! Yes, you read that right, I made dinner! I haven't made dinner in forever. It was nice. I made spaghetti, easy meal and lots of left overs so I don't have to cook the next two days or so. ;) Unless Justin gets sick of it. I figure if we aren't spending money going out to eat, he will be happy. (Am I right honey?)

Now I am just sitting here enjoying being able to type with both hands. Yes, that is what my world has come to. Oh and I made brownies! And finished topping of the last two cupcakes from my Elmo experiment. I only made two Elmo's. And Ian made my day on Sunday when Justin was eating the Elmo cupcake and Ian pointed to it and said "mamo" (this is his way of saying Elmo). I was so happy! I can now be confident in my Elmo cupcakes for his birthday. I can't wait! Here are a few pictures from the baking I have been doing.

I think I will be doing a combination of both of these. I will do the sparkles like on the left one and the eyes like the right one. Also, I will probably cut down the marshmallows into thirds rather than in halves. I can't wait!

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Erin said...

I was scrolling through your blog and Reagann saw the Elmo cupcakes. She said, "I want to see Elmo!" so I made the picture bigger and I told her they were Elmo cupcakes. She said, "Oooo! I like him!" :c)