Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Of course mine should win...

I entered a picture in the Pioneer Woman's photo contest! Yesterday I thought I had entered it and I searched and searched for it on her Flickr page, but couldn't find it. Well this morning I figured out how to add it to the contest! And of course I thought I was being original by putting a photo of Ian giving Owen a kiss. However after looking at all the pictures it turns out I am not original. :) But that is ok, I still think mine is beautiful and is the true definition of love! That is the assignment theme, love. I have to say though some of them really are beautiful. The one I loved the most was of a can of diet Dr. Pepper! I don't think it was for this particular assignment, but for me it would be love. ;)

Well we will see if my picture even gets picked as a finalist. Even if it doesn't, it has been fun looking at the pictures. Here is the one I entered. I think it is absolutely the cutest picture of my boys ever!

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