Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mom Talk...

Tonight our church's womens ministry had a thing called Mom Talk. It was really neat. They had us separated into groups of other women who had kids the same age. Our group (the preschoolers) ended up having another group join with ours since they were both small. It was neat to be able to hear there stories and advice for when ours get older! I am so blessed by our church's womens ministry! They come up with wonderful activities to help encourage us.

I think I might look into joining a MOPS group. I haven't done the research yet so I am not sure what it is other than moms who have preschool age kids. Which is a category I fit into! I will keep you updated on that. If any of you are a part of a MOPS group let me know what you think of it.

Today I woke up dizzy. I am talking I felt nauseous from it. Justin ended up staying home so he could take care of me and Ian. He even cleaned the kitchen and went to the store! What a man I have. Thank you Lord for blessing me so much with Justin.

I suppose that is all for now. I am still feeling a little dizzy, so I am going to stop playing on the computer and let Justin have the privilege of playing with my hair. ;)

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