Tuesday, October 20, 2009

13 months old! (this one is for you Bonnie)

My sweet boy turned 13 months old on Sunday! Wow 13 months! I simply can't believe it. Well I suppose I can believe it, but man it is amazing how fast it has gone by! He loves to crawl around and to pull up on pretty much everything! We have moved his toys into his bedroom and use that as his play time room. This has been a good thing as it gives him more space to crawl and play and it gets me off of the couch and away from the computer!

Saturday the family and I went to Tulsa for a little day trip! We had lots of fun going to stores that we don't have (well some we do have, but it was fun going to another location). We also got to have lunch with some friends that I haven't seen in over a year! Chris and Bonnie meet us at Fudrucker's! Oh how I love me some Fudrucker's. This was there first time to meet Ian. I think Ian was happy with Bonnie!

This weekend (Sunday) I ended up in the ER. I was walking from the couch to the kitchen when all of a sudden I was in horrible pain. I couldn't move with out hurting, but we eventually got me where I was lying down on the floor. The pain was in my chest, not so much my heart but in between my breasts. It was seriously the worst pain ever. Even breathing and talking hurt. Justin finally called 911 and the EMSA and Fire crew came and took me away ;) to the hospital. They ran lots of tests and then just came to the conclusion that it was something called pleurisy. It is basically inflammation. The doctor said that it can happen to people who had bronchitis, which I did about a month ago, so there you go. Anyway, they gave me some anti-inflammatory meds as well as some pain meds and I took some yesterday, but so far hasn't had to take any today! As I am typing this I feel a little pain, so I might end up taking some tonight, but I think by tomorrow I should be off the meds. Yay!

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